How to Get the Best Broadband Deal

5 Easy Ways To Cut Your Broadband Bill

Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways they can save money on their monthly bills. For most, this means trying to cut down on energy usage in the home. But, how often do you check whether you’ve got a good broadband deal or not? The chances are you don’t do this enough at all. A Natwest survey shows that only 55% of people compare broadband deals on a regular basis. And, a colossal 39% think they aren’t getting good value for money on their current deal.

What these stats show us is that it’s easy to pay too much for broadband if you aren’t shopping around. As a result, you end up with a high broadband bill that costs you lots of money each month. But, things don’t have to be this way! Cutting your broadband bill is easy, and I’m here to show you how to do it.

Compare Broadband Prices

The easiest way to get better value for money is to find the best deals available to you. There are price comparison tools that help you find the top deals in your area. What this does is show you the various packages available, and how much it costs. The majority of the time, people will find that there’s a much cheaper deal out there. And, they’ve been paying too much for their broadband and wasting money. The best thing is, it takes very little time and effort to compare prices.

Only Pay For What You Need

A lot of people waste money on a broadband package that they don’t need. It’s common to opt for the most high-end service because it claims to offer the fastest speeds. But, this is far from a good idea. Everyone’s ‘perfect package’ will be different. For someone with lots of devices connected to the internet and a big household, then high-end services are good. They offer the best way to ensure everyone gets online without a slow connection. However, if you live alone, then you don’t need a big package. You can pay a lot less to get something that will suit you. Think about what you need from a broadband package, and then pay for it. Don’t overpay just to be on the safe side and get super fast speeds that you don’t need.

Buy Bundles

Often, it’s cheaper if you buy your broadband as part of a bundle deal. Many service providers include it in bundles with phone and TV services. You can save money, and it makes your monthly bills a lot more manageable. Instead of worrying about three separate ones, it’s all there in one bill.

However, don’t forget about the above point on paying for what you need. If you rarely watch TV, then you won’t need a TV subscription, will you? So, a bundle isn’t necessary for you, and it will be a waste of money. This tip is mainly suitable for people that already pay for all three of these things separately. Bundle them all together, and save money.

Haggle For A Better Price

Every broadband provider will have loads of amazing deals for new customers only. So, when you’ve been a loyal customer for ages, you miss out on them. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t save money and stick with your provider. My advice is to contact them when you’re nearing the end of your contract and say you’re thinking of leaving. More often than not, they’ll try and keep you. This gives you a great chance to haggle for a price cut on your existing bill. Or, they could offer add-ons and upgrades, so you get better value for what you’re paying.

Understand What You’re Paying

There are loads of introductory offers that look super appealing. They offer FREE internet for a few months, and it sucks us in. But, broadband deals also tend to include line rental. So, although you get the internet for free, you could still pay line rental. There are new rules from May 2016 that should make broadband deals easier to understand. For now, make sure you look at the total price of each contract when comparing deals. Include both internet and line rental charge to see which is cheapest.

Use all these tips if you want to cut your broadband prices and save lots of money. It’s important that you shop around when looking for the cheapest deal. These days, you can switch providers with ease. And, the threat of leaving them can be enough to get them to knock money off your current bill. Stop waiting around, and start paying less for your broadband.

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