Broadband TV and Phone

The telecom industry is constantly changing and evolving to make things better for you, the consumer. You can choose between a wide range of providers when setting up your phone, broadband and TV connections. Customers can even choose to purchase a bundle package of everything including broadband, tv & phone. Or, each service can be bought separately from different providers. You can even choose not to purchase a product that you don’t need. For instance, many people feel that they no longer need a landline. Instead, they only purchase a monthly broadband service. Today, telecom choices are a truly in your hands. You can have the services you want, your way.

Key Considerations

There are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing the services that you want. You should always price check different services to see which company offers the cheapest setup. For instance, you will find that some companies will offer complete installation free of charge. Others, like Sky, will charge you for the TV box and the hub that you’ll need for the services to work.

Consider the speed offered by the different providers as well. Be aware that some broadband providers may be able to offer you a faster connection. Typically, this will be determined by where you live. Usually, urban areas will allow you to get a faster connection from the main central providers. You will often have to pay extra for this to get fibre optic broadband. With fibre optic broadband, you can get an internet connection that could reach a top speed of 100Mbps. A lightning connection like this will allow you to download anything in seconds.

If you are opting for a faster connection, you do need to think about download limits. It is recommended that you select an unlimited downloads package to make sure you don’t pay more due to additional usage.

If you are looking at broadband bundles that include TV, you may want to think about the available channels. Not all providers will be able to offer you every channel. For instance, some of the movie channels will be exclusive for those with Virgin. Other television channels are only available through certain services such as Sky Atlantic. The best way to decide what channels you want is to consider what you want to watch. You may want to sit down as a family and think about the shows that appeal to you.

Some broad bundles include add-ons that will be useful for family households. For instance, you can get off-peak calls from Pure Telecom included in the package that you pay. You need to pick a package that suits your needs and your preferences.

Awesome Extras

Once you have a full setup of broadband, tv & phone, you’ll be spoiled for possibilities. With superfast broadband, you can watch anything anytime. If you have the right setup, you will even be able to gain access to the 3D channels and a wealth of box office movie options. You can even switch from watching TV channels on your television to watching through a tablet or other portable devices. These features are often included as extras that you may have to pay additional charges for.

With other broadband bundles, you can even get free mobile calls included in the deal. If you don’t use your landline, but you’re constantly on your mobile, this is a great option. You should look into these opportunities when you are shopping for a telecom provider.

Building Up From The Basic Package

All broadband & TV providers start their bundles off with a basic, advertised price. At this point, you will be paying for an average speed broadband, a typical number of channels and paid phone usage. You will then be able to adapt the package you choose one to fit your needs. If you want the movie channels, you can add that to the bundle. You can also increase the speed of the broadband if it’s available in your area. You will be able to decide whether you need free calls or not. As such, you may find you pay more or less than the initial advertised price.

If you buy all these services from one provider, you will be paying one bill per month. This bill is typically a lot cheaper than paying for it all separately, with fantastic levels of saving on offer. You can cut out a lot of the costs and still get all the services that you need at a price that you can afford. There has never been a better time to start setting up your home telecom package.