Broadband and Phone

Selecting a broadband and phone deal is often the easiest way of connecting to the internet at home. Broadband deals without a phone line are possible, but not available to everyone. They’re not necessarily cheaper, either. Having a broadband and phone deal doesn’t mean you have to use the telephone. You can keep it unplugged if you wish; you just need to have an active phone line. Looking for a broadband and phone deal that suits you will ensure you get the right speeds and features for your needs.

Broadband and Home Phone Deals

The most important things to look for when finding a broadband and home phone deal, is the best deal and a hassle free swap over. By selecting a package deal rather than going for individual elements, you can usually get much better value for money. There are many providers that can offer you this sort of deal. This includes:

You can also incorporate a TV package into your deal, which can be an attractive offer for those who want it all hassle free and cost effective. If you want a package complete with TV too, then you have 3 main providers to choose from:

Choosing a package that includes all 3 can make things much less hassle free with only one bill to pay for them all.

Delivery And Speed

There are 3 ways the internet will be delivered to your home:

Broadband And Free Calls

You’ll usually get free anytime minutes or off-peak minutes included in your package. Off-peak minutes are usually the cheapest option with a fair usage policy. Some providers will allow you to mix and match, while others will only offer pre-set packages.

Asking The Right Questions

Asking the right questions to select the right provider and deal is crucial. Here are some examples:

For instance, if you’ll be using the phone line and broadband in high volume, you want to find a package with unlimited phone calls and internet usage. Signing up to an unlimited package from a provider will ensure you’re not met with surprise costs when your bill comes through.

Here’s some advice on working out your internet usage to find the perfect package:

If you’re the only one using the connection and only use it to reply to an email here and there, you likely only use the internet lightly. Light users usually need deals that are around 2gb or more.

If you do things such as stream movies and stay in touch with loved ones on Skype, you’re a medium user. 20gb or more will usually suffice for this kind of usage.

You’ll probably have a good idea already if you’re a heavy user. If you’re always downloading things and using the internet, having unlimited access at all times is best for you.