Best Deals

Everyone wants to get a good deal. This applies to pretty much every aspect of life, and it certainly applies to your broadband package. Everyone uses the internet, so everyone needs a broadband package. You need to find the one that offers the best value for you and your particular needs. A good deal is one that offers you the things that are most important to you with a price that's reasonable. Your needs are different to everyone else's, so you need to think about this carefully.

You can find examples of some of the very best broadband deals available in Ireland right now below. Consider them all and see if any of them suit you. If you don't find something that appeals, look at the other options out there; there are plenty to explore.

Pure Telecom Purely Broadband

Pure Telecom's Purely Broadband deal is a basic broadband deal that gives you access to a great broadband connection without having to pay for any extras. So, you don't get a landline deal or any other kind of phone deal included. There are no TV channels bundled into the package either. This is something that suits many people who just want a fast internet connection.

There is a fixed fee that doesn't rise, and you get access to Pure Telecom's 100Mb fibre broadband. For people who don't want to have to deal with lots of added costs and expenses, this is the ideal broadband package to opt for in Ireland at the moment.

Virgin Media 360Mb and Mobile World

Virgin Media's broadband package is one of the best you can find in Ireland if what you care about is speed. The 360Mb deal is the fastest you can get in Ireland right now, and it's totally unlimited as well. For gamers or people who use the internet a lot for work or leisure, having a connection as fast as that can be a real revelation.

On top of that, you will receive free anytime mobile and landline calls around the world. With the 4 months discount offered by Virgin Media, you will save €80 on the deal as well. That's a sizable amount of money, so you should make the most of this deal if you're looking for a fast internet and calls package.

Eir Broadband & Unlimited Mobile and UK Calls

This is one of the most appealing and interesting broadband deals you can find in Ireland right now. Eir allows you to take advantage of unlimited broadband and unlimited calls to mobile and landline phones in the UK and Ireland. This is a big advantage for people who have family living in different parts of the country or in the UK. And it takes away the added cost that usually comes with making calls to other countries.

You also get free Eir Sport as a part of the deal, meaning you can access BT Sports and all of Eir Sport's own channels. The 100Mb broadband is more than fast enough for the vast majority of consumers, and they provide free installation for new customers as well.

Sky Fibre Unlimited + Talk Freetime

Sky's Fibre Unlimited broadband package allows you to use the internet at will, and you also get 20Mb upload speeds. The broadband speed is 100Mb, which is more than enough for the majority of consumers. Installation is free, and you're given one of Sky's wireless hub routers as part of the overall package. With their 12 months discount, you can save €150 on this deal too.

You also get access to their Talk Freetime deal, which covers phone calls. This means you can make calls to anywhere in Ireland, including at evenings and weekends during peak hours. International landline rates are also very fair and reasonable, making this package a great overall deal to take advantage of.

Vodafone Simply Broadband

There is no phone package required when you use Vodafone's Simply Broadband deal. It allows you to pay for a solid broadband package without having to worry about any other things pushing up the cost of your monthly bill. The internet speed offered is 100Mb. It might not be the fastest in the world, but when you use Vodafone, you do get a reliable service that you can count on.

Installation is free, and the modem you have put into your home is free as well. You get a 6 months discount when you opt for this deal, and that can save you €30. It's a nice added extra that makes the deal better value for most customers.